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About Valore

Elaina Valore was born on Lenape land aka new jersey and grew up on Cherokee land aka acworth, georgia. A suburban girl who wanted to break free, she escaped to Mvskoke land aka Savannah, Georgia. It was here she attended Armstrong University and received her degree in Business Economics. More importantly, Valore attended many house shows in Savannah and became an active listener and facilitator of the local DIY scene. She first performed at open mics and in between bands at house shows. Through her spoken word she became a part of Spitfire Poetry Group performing at colleges, bars, theaters, and more. Valore started putting her poetry over beats and had her first facebook official show at The Bomb Shelter, a DIY space and record label, Feb 2015. Her first project "Lyrical Dishes" was released with help from a friend's studio. After that she recorded "Year of the Cactus" in which she recorded all the songs on her own through a friends mic. Many of these songs were written after a messy breakup in which music became her therapy. The lyrics are angsty, happy, confident, and raw. This release in the summer of 2015 marked the beginning of her first tour with punk band Angwish. After this tour is when she was first noticed by Savannah press, article here. It was on the road that Valore began to learn more about booking and traveling. She went on the road again for the "Holiday Gift Rapping Tour" with Gomec a quirky rapper from Clemson, South Carolina Dec 2015. Next she released "Lizard Girl" produced by Obamabo and Vinay Arora through Bomb Shelter Records. This received some recognition in the local press, article by DO Savannah here. Then "Gritty Marsha Brady" through Beartooth Collective was released Aug 2016. This project was released right before her European tour and she was on the cover of the local paper Connect Savannah, article here. It was in Europe that Valore busked on the street and performed on stages in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Budapest. She released "IRL" her fifth release with 16 songs with many producers from all over. There have been many reviews from Savannah and Atlanta press as well as some blogs. She went on a handful of tours with Cunabear whom she considers family. Cunabear deejays her sets and performs his own cosmic hiphop rap to send you to a whole new dimension. She toured in 2018 with NJ prog band Crust throughout the southeast and later a tour up to Canada and back. Her album "Rainbow Raps" was the released Feb 2019 feat many incredible producers from all over. In June 2019 Valore moved to New Jersey. In Oct 2019 she released a spoken word album "Notes By Valore" with proceeds going to Make The Road NJ, who does work against I.C.E. and providing solidarity to immigrants and the working class. "Sharing Is Anarchy" released Jan 2020 along with a tour down the east coast protesting I.C.E. detention centers and preaching anarchy.  She released "Care!" in 2021 to urge people to care for themselves and the community. She most recently features on "Beartooth Collective's Unity tape: Fuck It We Ball" featuring all the Beartooth homies she's in a collective with. Catch her if you can!

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