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Valore transcends genre. Most say she's a rapper or spoken word artist but there is so much more to her than that; she is punk, psychedelic, soul, trip hop, hardcore. A woman of many names: Lizard Girl, Cactus Queen, Gritty Marsha Brady, or Lady Valore. Some say she's crazy others say magic. One things is for sure when you see Valore, there is always raw emotion and deep poetry woven on a dope beat. She has rhymes galore that will help you soar and explore your head some more. This electric lady has ignited stages throughout the United States and Europe. You can find her spitting on the street with no beat, rapping on the floor at a house show, giving her all at a dive bar, weaving words at an art space, and maybe performing in a town near you. No matter where she is she ignites the stage with her positivity and upliftment. A true DIY spirit who does all she can to uplift and send love.

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